Large Format Prints

Your design or ours. When you want to make a really Big Impression, we'll make you standout in the crowed. Call Bigidea for affordable Large format printing, color poster printing, Large mural graphics, display murals, trade show and exhibit graphics, banners and point-of-purchase visual graphic marketing. We can provideExhibit Graphics. Exhibit Murals. Large format Graphics. Trade Show Display Graphics. Color Poster Printing. Point-of-Purchase Visual Marketing. Banners.

Big graphics up to 54" X 600 feet. High quality that is superior to photographic mural printing. Razor sharp clarity, crisp rich deep blacks and brilliant color. Rectangular, contoured and silhouetted to your size, shape and application. Expert professional mounting and finishing to exacting realism on a wide variety of both rigid and pliable substances including Lexan, acrylic, foam board and gator board. Front mounted, back-mounted and backlit requirements.
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Banners and displays

Large format graphics are done with high-tech quality printers, which give unmatched photo quality with continuous tones. The colors are fade resistant and these are printed directly on the surfaces of the materials used. We are also capable of churning out super-wide signage of superior photo realistic designs. These Large/wide format graphics are used in banners, posters or exhibit graphics. The designs are only limited to the imagination of our designers and you. Even your ideas can be transformed into exciting graphic designs. Big graphics with sharp clarity, brilliant color schemes, shaped and contoured to your liking are our specialties

Vehicle Wraps
Most people notice words and pictures when displayed on vehicles? Increase your exposure with a fleet of vehicle wraps. Wrap a few of your company's vehicles and generate more business.
A vehicle wrap is a carwash and sunlight proof self-adhesive color printed film, which is applied to your vehicle. It will not harm your bodywork and can be removed without any damage. The wrap protects the vehicle's paintwork against stone chips and minor scratches; it also ensures that, when the time to sell arrives, the paintwork is in pristine condition with no dulling or fading.
If you run a business the chances are that you have at least one company vehicle. Whatever line of work you're in, vehicle wrapping is a cost effective way to turn your car, van, taxi or truck into a professional and high impact, mobile advertisement. Wherever you drive you'll be building your brand and promoting your business. Research shows that this is a fast growing market in advertising business, promotions or just your company in general.
According to statistics on average a busy vehicle can be seen by 3000 people every hour, that is 3000 potential customers. This point alone shows that this is an innovative and effective method of advertising.

Building Wraps
Building wraps are the best medium to create striking outdoor displays. Together with construction scaffolding wraps, they make up what is called grand format digital imaging, covering sides of buildings. Weather resistant, they are a great way to advertise a product or a service to potential customers. Building wraps are cheaper to produce than placing an ad in the press and will be seen by more people or they can complement a mix of marketing activities. Building wraps are produced using solvent inks on durable mesh or vinyl giving them longevity and protection against harsh weather conditions. We also take particular care in the finishing of the banners and reinforce all the sides.

Mesh Banner
Mesh banner is a perfect outdoor graphic solution for scaffoldings and building wraps in windy conditions. Mesh is a lightweight fabric like material that is tightly woven and very strong; the advantage of mesh banners is that you no longer need to cut wind holes. Mesh is ideal for Large exterior banner needs: heavy mesh material is flame retardant and resistant to tearing and it is directly printable using solvent inks.
Mesh banners are the perfect way to conceal building works or redevelopments. They can also be used for stage backdrops.
We will produce any banner of any size or any form at very competitive prices. We offer a complete banner printing solution, from the design of the artwork, to the printing and finishing and the installation and the removal of the banners. We use the best material available and finish the banners to our customers’ specifications.
Billboards are Large outdoor panels found on the side of roads and streets or on buildings. Mainly use for advertising purposes, billboards target drivers and pedestrians. The high impact they create make billboards one of the preferred outdoor advertising media to create awareness of a brand, a product or a service. Billboards are usually designed using Large images and few words.

 Backdrop Banners

A backdrop is designed to serve as a background for presentation, events, trade show displays, television productions and theatre plays. A backdrop can be printed on canvas, vinyl, mesh and paper. Backdrops are usually lightweight and easy to install and remove
Fine Art Reproductions Indistinguishable From Your Originals
Ideal for Limited Edition Prints Your original or high quality transparency is scanned and color fine-calibrated, then printed on our high-fidelity giclee imagers to achieve reproductions that are nearly indistinguishable from your original fine art. Choose from acid-free 100% rag papers or canvas.