Return Policy


All Banners and Vehicle wraps are custom made projects that are not refundable.
If the client has a concern with the job, Client must contact Bigidea in writing before proceeding with any charge backs or credit returns. Bigidea will be given the opportunity to correct and resolve any disputes within 30 days by fixing the disputed project.
Since all jobs are custom products.. Bididea must be given the opportunity to reprint or reinstall any job, before the client issues any credit card charge backs or returns.
In the event that the client issues a credit card charge back, or alleges he does not authorize the credit card transaction. The credit card company will issue an inquiry. When the credit company investigates the claim and if the credit card company's decision is made in favor of Bigiidea Wraps Inc. the client will be held liable for all legal fees and professional research and discovery time associated with Bigidea having to file a reply to the Inquiry / Retrieval request by the credit card company.
If a credit card dispute is decided in favor of Bigidea and If Bigidea Inc. suffers any loss of credit card business associated with a clients charge back request, the client will be liable any credit card business Bigidea is not able to process during this period of the dispute resolution.
In the event that the customer fails to make payment in full on the job invoice, the customer irrevocably authorizes Bigidea to remove the graphics supplied.
Since all work is custom art work...Once the job is printed, delivered and or installed and clients accept the installation and begin using the graphics, all contracts are final and no refunds can be issued.

All digital signage hardware come with 1 year manufactures warrantee against manufacture defects.
Bigidea will replace or repair systems with-in this time period.